Compassionate Care for Women


I had the labiaplasty procedure done because I was embarrassed of my body, and now I have nothing to worry about. The procedure was done quickly yet beautifully. My recovery was simply a few days, and I have never been more happy with my body. Any other woman suffering with these types of body issues I encourage to meet with Dr. Harvey for a consultation. The staff is polite and professional, and the outcome will change your life…. it changed mine.

KS, from Buffalo, NY

I had always been very self conscious of the extra skin in my vaginal region. I was uncomfortable wearing bathing suits or tight bottoms and just didn’t feel normal. For the longest time I didn’t really know what to do about it until I started researching. I read a lot about different options and was a little nervous when reading what some people said. I was positive, though, that I wanted to do something because it was a very big deal to me and affected the way I felt about myself. Then I found Dr. Harvey and couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Dr. Harvey and the practice. He was extremely informative and professional in the original consultation and we scheduled the procedure for less than a week later. The procedure was relatively pain free! There were a few days of slight discomfort afterwards but nothing too bad and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

JR, from Rochester NY

“I had a previous labiaplasty under general anesthesia by a local doctor, and I was not happy with the result.  Dr. Harvey addressed my concerns right in his office.   Now I’m very pleased with the way my labia look.  I wish I’d gone to Dr. Harvey first.”

Sara-  Buffalo, NY


“I had it together in many areas of my life with a solid career and amazing friends and family.  But something was really hurting my confidence.  Since I was twelve, I knew I was different down there.  It caused me to be terribly embarrassed any time I was wearing fitted clothing. Forget underwear or a bathing suit – I dreaded it.  I learned about Doctor Harvey through another doctor, and immediately set up a consultation.  He is not only a brilliant perfectionist, but the kind of guy you’d want to chat with over a cup of coffee. The procedure was easy. The results are amazing.  If you are unhappy with how you look, set up a consultation.  He’ll shoot you straight. I would trust him with anything; he changed my life!”

Rebeccah-  Rochester, NY